Managed Services are the practice of outsourcing day-to-day management responsibilities and functions in exchange for a monthly fee. It is often used as a strategic method for improving operations and cutting expenses.

At L2, the management of the client’s IT systems is performed by installing a remote monitoring agent that allows us remote visibility of the client’s systems as well as the ability to remotely support end users via the installed agent. 

Our comprehensive monitoring agents that are aromatically deployed to all end user devices and servers is what allows LayerTwo to provide proactive, reactive support and advanced reporting and alignment opportunities to ensure your tech is doing what it needs to.

The more services the client allows us to provide then the more responsibility we have for the performance and reliability of their network, and as such the monthly fee increases proportionally. 

Managed I.T Services




This is our entry level IT Support offering. This is differentiated from the traditional Break Fix support model by the fact that we will install an IT Monitoring Agent for FREE on all of these client’s networks. 

This Monitoring Agent allows us visibility of the clients systems and the ability to Pro-Actively identify potential problems as well as being able to run basic reporting on demand to demonstrate to the client that we understand and are “managing” their systems. This can be seen as an introduction to the concept of Managed Services. 

With this service all time spent is billable to the client as per our standard rate card.
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A La Carte


These are the individual managed product offerings that can be “plugged in” to any of the support offerings we provide. These products allow us to offer individual parts of our services to clients who want to be able to pick and choose from our available services without committing to a full support agreement. These include: 

L2 Managed Antivirus 

L2 Managed Email Security 

L2 Managed Backup 

L2 Managed Disaster Recovery 

L2 Managed IT Compliance 
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Medium Business


This an upgrade to option 1. It offers included in the monthly fee Preventative Maintenance functions and basic remediation of common problems. 

Support incidents are still billable according to our standard rate card but many of the day to day functions are included for free. Similarly a more comprehensive IT Monitoring Agent is installed as part of this agreement to allow us even greater visibility and reporting capabilities. 
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This is flagship Support product and be described as a full managed IT services offering. It is essentially a bundle of option 3 plus a selection of the A La Carte Options in package 2 and unlimited break/fix support.    

The only exclusions to this support agreement will be Moves, Additions and Changes (MAC’s). Workstation installations, IT Projects such as Server installations and office relocations can all be defined as a MAC.  

Please contact us for the Product Collateral for more detailed information on this product.
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