Our Story

LayerTwo Technology was founded on the principals that in a growing age of technology, customers simply deserved more from their managed services providers.

Having owned and operated busineses in other industries, the common experience amongst our founders were that the overall experience they had with their I.T support partners were below acceptable levels and in-fact discouraged staff to utilise these services.

With this in mind, it was decided on to launch LayerTwo with the intention of servicing our own businesses, with a strong focus on delivering technology and support while maintaining focus on business processes.

At the core of layerTwo is the principal that we want to empower businesses to ensure their technology is working for them instead of the otherway around.

For this reason, we focused our efforts into creating a model that inspires communication and transparency and introduced our VCIO method.

Our VCIO and their respective teams meant that we were able to offer executive level consultation, backed by engineering as a complete value add to our customers.

This process of continuous improvement and alignment is what distinguishes LayerTwo from others.

Let’s create your company’s growth strategy together!

We believe that true separation comes from tangible results that can be replicated time and time again in a predictable manner. For this reason, our focus is on delivering measurable outcomes that can aid and enable growing businesses. Fundamentally, everything we do falls back on our stated company purpose: 

“To empower our clients with technology and allowing them to focus on what they do best” 

Our Goal

Putting time back in people’s day is largely anchored by our commitment to reduce reactive service requests to 80-90% below industry average, combined with distinct meeting rhythms with key personal such as the CIO that drastically reduce the total required contact time to manage IT. 

Ultimately, this delivers an experience which guarantees: 

  • Prompt Service – To provide assistance when you need it. 
  • Predictable Outcomes – To assist with planning, budgeting, and stability. 
  • Time Saving – To remove the headaches and enable the business to focus on its core functions. 
  • Allow our clients to make better business decisions. 

 What Drives Us

In our industry, these promises are often discussed but rarely delivered. We have made this available to our clients through the continuing development and investment into our unique Process and amazing People which cannot be simply replicated.

Clients with LayerTwo reportedly have: 

  • An average of 80% less IT disruptions than industry best practice. Resulting in greater productivity
  • Reported satisfaction ratings greater than 98%. Resulting in greater confidence and morale
  • clear and simple understanding of their IT strategy & expected outcomes. Resulting in more effective management.

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